Hi there! I'm Sjomara,

Your Go To Person.

I’m not gonna bore you with what I’ve done and how I got here. If you are interested in knowing what I can do for you now, keep on reading.

The benefits of having your own virtual Go To Person;
As a Virtual Assistant I work together with ambitious entrepreneurs who want to create more time for themselves to grow. I love the variety that this job offers me. Due to my flexibility I can switch quickly and with my helicopter view I am good at coordinating and managing processes. This makes me a valuable sparring partner for other entrepreneurs.

“Someone has to do it. Why not me?”

More than anything else, I want to own the outcome. And that doesn’t come from waiting around to be asked.

I’m consistent in my day-to-day, so you know I’ll be steady when it really counts. And I set the bar high, understanding that expectations are self-fulfilling for everyone.

I look for ways to keep everyone involved and contributing, always evaluating what each person is capable of doing. And I constantly asking myself, “How can I make them better?” and “How can I prepare them so we never have to face crunch time in the first place?”

I don’t get overwhelmed; I just prioritise what will help us reach the preferred outcome. And this rubs off on everyone else who’s involved.

If a topics doesn’t have my expertise or my interest, I can refer you to a colleague VA who will be more than happy to help you. Because, how corny it may sound, I do believe that sharing is caring

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